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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Black Lives are Sacred Day 29: Black Police Victim of White Police Brutality

More than one Black off-duty or plainclothes police officer has become a victim of police brutality from brothers in blue, and the latest is Officer Robert Parker of Washington D.C.'s Harbor Patrol. He was attacked and injured for the crime of wearing a hoodie and jeans while Black in a neighborhood in which a Black man in a similar outfit had shot someone at a mall.

Parker, who is assigned to Harbor Patrol as a diver, says he was thrown to the ground and punched in the head, even as he was identifying himself as an officer, obeying all commands.

"And I can't remember if I said okay or was just kind of baffled at the moment, and he walked up to me and he started patting me down and I'm just thinking, is this really happening? Because I know the protocol because I'm a police officer," Parker told FOX 5's Paul Wagner. "He reaches around and feels my sidearm, my firearm and I look at him and I see the look in his eye and I say, 'I'm the police.' I'm literally slammed. I went to the ground I kept saying, 'I'm the police, I'm the police.' There were two other officers there. I felt their presence and they placed me in handcuffs, and then somebody hit me in the right side of my face."

Parker says he wasn't resisting and felt the take down and punch were totally unwarranted. He says he hates to pull the race card, but believes had he been white, the take down and what he views as excessive force would not have happened.

During the incident, Parker says he injured his wrist and went for treatment at the police and fire clinic as well as a hospital emergency room.

Needless to say the department is shielding its perpetrator with lies of "acted professionally and with restraint." The most egregious lie is that Officer Parker failed to identify himself promptly--as if any Black man in danger of his life would fail to do so, much less an experienced member of law enforcement.

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