"I heard a voice from heaven saying, 'Son, let this woman be a bride to you in the restoration of my people. Let her be a mother for these people, regenerating souls through the salvation of spirit and water.'" (Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias)

Monday, March 13, 2017

This Joyful Season Day 6: Rosie and Mary

I spent the last week on an intense and wonderful trip to the Midwest city which will provide a refuge for me and my maiden as I separate from TechEx, so I am catching up with daily Lent blogging with some beautiful pictures and liturgy reports.

Monday I went to the midday mass in a beautifully renovated university chapel where it was a delight to radiantly proclaim the first reading and psalm. I totally plan on stealing the benediction the kind old priest gave me with strong hands on my head in lieu of communion: "May you be blessed and may you be a blessing!" And I was specially moved to see two undergrad women in lovely mantillas bring up the gifts and serve as acolytes.

The Stations of the cross are moving bronze close-ups and I especially identified with this Rosie the Riveter version of Station 2, Jesus Takes up His Cross:

They also appear to have commissioned a new Black Madonna from Janet Mackenzie, Mary Mother of Enduring Love. I lit a candle and prayed the beloved multilingual Aves I could remember--Latin, Spanish, and Portuguese--for the renewal of my abuse-and-misogyny-devastated theological career with a full or part time teaching position in the new area.

I look forward to more liturgies and to sharing pictures of the excellent new liturgical space after I pioneer the move with a little trailer and driving help from a dear rediscovered college friend whose love and support helped me discern the move and embrace the challenge. Katie will follow a month later after this year's special dad-daughter time till her community college terms ends-- TechEx has agreed to drive her and a small truck in time for our niece's wedding in his nearby home state. I am a little anxious at the pace and the solo start but also hopeful and joyful about both because of the wonderful and discernment-confirming connections of the week's pilgrimage--including the perfect apartment and some lovely used furniture already moved in.

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