"I heard a voice from heaven saying, 'Son, let this woman be a bride to you in the restoration of my people. Let her be a mother for these people, regenerating souls through the salvation of spirit and water.'" (Hildegard of Bingen, Scivias)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This Joyful Season Day 7: Holy Angels

Tuesday morning mass featured a stunningly gorgeous Art Deco angel fresco behind the main altar. I didn't have the right camera to do it justice but was intrigued to see how many named angels there were beyond the "Big Four" of Raphael/la, Gabriel/le, Michael/a, and Uriel (these all looked delightfully feminine and Raphael even black). Totally recalled Doreen Virtue's sweet (though overly white) little sets of angel cards and I still wonder how a Twenties artist found the names--surely s/he didn't just create them as I assume Virtue sometimes does?--and got approval to include them.

Speaking of which I just found and tried this online reading option on her website and gave it a try asking what the Holy Spirit wanted me to know as I move toward dating. "Separation" couldn't be more accurate as I prepare for a month alone as the pioneer of Katie's and my Midwest refuge move. It will be the longest in my life as I married at 24, lived in community before that, and even my 30 Day Ignatian Long Retreat hermitage dwelling happened at a retreat house with two other women making the Spiritual Exercises, shorter term retreatants coming and going, and the spiritual and physical support staff.

The Romance Angels are helping you during this period of separation from your partner. This card comes to you as an indication of angelic support as you spend time away from each other. While you’re apart, the angels can help you fill your hours with healthy activities, which will help your present or future relationships.

This card may indicate a temporary period of aloneness, such as while your partner is traveling for business, or a time in your life when you’re single and preparing for your next relationship. It can also mean a marital separation or divorce.

Call upon the angels for support and guidance during these transitions. They can help you discover the deep healing to be mined as you spend time alone, which prepares you for the next part of your relationship journey.

This message totally reinforces the recent three card reading I did before the trip with my physical set: "Life Review," "Comfort," and "Nurture."

The tiny liturgy followed by prayerful picture taking inspired me to follow up on an inspiration from a healing sacraments session with my lovely Carmelite friar in the fall. Part of my penance, which I embraced on a powerful retreat in the Lady Chapel of Mission San Luis Rey, was to pray for both living kids with a Salve Regina and through the intercession of their guardian angels. I giggled as I pictured homeschool maiden with the traditional one and alpha male--especially in his challenging teen years--with a whole troop protecting those he encountered as well as him!

I also reflected more seriously on the disconnect that I have intense personal relationships with many official and unofficial saints but no real personal connection to my or their angels--even after following someone's advice (maybe Doreen Virtue again, come to think of it) when Katie was tiny to ask my guardian angel to reveal her name to me. Rosa is what came, probably in part because of Katherine Rose's middle name as well as being in the Rose City, Portland, and doing one of my favorite and rave-reviewed weddings in the Rose Garden there with the exchange of roses ritual. So I spent some time reconnecting with her and have started praying to Rosa again--usually in Spanish as it feeds my soul so strongly--and that is a lovely gift as I move forward into my exciting but sometimes daunting future as a single mama.

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